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photos du jour - a journey begins

Exploration — via the art & practice of photography — is an amazing, exciting, surprising activity. You never really know where it will lead but lead, it will!

This post, the first of what will be many more to come, is my invitation to you to join me in a heartfelt and hopefully engaging exploration of the world around us as seen through my Photo-Vision — be that world here on our beloved Left Coast at Santa Monica Beach or in the rues and alleyways of our favorite city, Paris. Photography, while practiced primarily alone, is actually a communal effort. We see. We feel. We capture. And, most importantly, we share. And while the act of sharing has taken on a ubiquitous life of its own what with the proliferation of social media outlets, it is that sharing that gives photography true meaning. Whether the subject is iconic locations, nature in all its grandeur, design-oriented architecture or social commentary on life in our communities, none of it is of value until it is shared.

I'm delighted to take that fourth step and share my explorations with you. In addition to photography-focused posts I'll also keep you updated on my favorite info about life in Paris and here on the Left Coast. I'll also keep you informed as to opportunities to live like a Parisienne in one of the lovely furnished short-term rental apartments that I represent through the folks at GlamaParis. And I'll keep you abreast of latest offerings and activities with my walking Photo-Vision workshops in Paris and Venice CA.

Sharing makes it all so much more enjoyable. Thanks for coming along with me!

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