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What I did on my Winter vacation!


Paris, bien sur!
Even though Paris at the holidays can be cold, gray, windy and rainy, it is still Paris! It sparkles and beckons with a beguiling enchantment that is uniquely its own. And for me, that enchantment is my catnip, photographically speaking. Everywhere I look I see amazing imagery. In this instance, Debbie, some friends of ours and I had been walking all afternoon through the Latin Quarter and then, as darkness fell, we found ourselves on charming Ile Ste-Louis. This scene — taken about 500 yards east of Notre-Dame, was the result of a happy confluence of elements: a tour-guide's old Citroen Duck parked in front of two classic-style bistros, some vintage street lamps, twinkle lights in the bare trees, a white-aproned waiter, dinner patrons and a lit bedroom window. But it was missing something. After 15 minutes of shooting I heard a soft repeated clickety-clunk over my shoulder and I knew that the empty cobblestone patch was about to be filled. As the bicyclist rolled through, all the players fell into perfect position. Voila! Magically it was a 1962 evening in Paris!
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