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Evening over Santa Monica Bay

Evening, Santa Monica Bay-1

How a day like this one could end so beautifully is one of the delightful mysteries of life! The young son of close friends was having a blast at a summer skateboarding camp when he took a tumble and ended up in UCLA Med Center Emergency Room with a very broken leg! We ran over to scoop up his 9 year old sister and take her home with us while doctors attended to the boy and his traumatized, freaked-out dad! Her non-stop patter about concerns for her little brother and worries as to how he would get along with a huge cast on his leg and how he would get up the stairs to his room in his mom's house and a litany of other stream-of-consciousness items made Debbie and I realize that we needed a diversion — and quick! Part of that diversion was a big, fat, juicy burrito from Whole Foods! The other part was to take her down to the waters edge as the sun was slowly sinking in the early evening and let the waves, sky and sand do its magic. As always, I brought my camera — and captured this sublime view of our wonderful beach just past sundown. Life is crazy. Life is good . . .
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